Malted Barley

Malted Barley

At first glance, selling malt barley was a great idea! Available at £17.50 / 25kgs if you buy 250 kgs, and with an open market price of £38 / 25kgs, there seemed like a decent profit margin.

Once I began to look into it though…

It’s difficult to find small storage premises that will take perishable goods. All the main home storage sites have clauses against perishable goods. They’re also about £40 a week.

I did find an ISO container for rent at £50 a week, which allowed perishable goods storage.

The problem then became one for sales. After postage, which has to be free, you make about £1 per 9kgs. I checked out how many sales the eBay competition had made in May, which was just over 70 sales. A lot of Barley to shift for a £130 loss.


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